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Same-Day Denture Relines in Mississauga & Oakville

Ensure a comfortable fit with same-day denture relines in Mississauga, from Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic. We are pleased to serve clients throughout Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Milton and surrounding areas from our 2 convenient locations. Relines involve removing the interior structure of your denture and bonding a new layer of denture material in order to improve the overall denture structure and provide a precise, comfortable fit. The appearance of your denture will not change but the reline will help you maintain a healthy bite, proper chewing ability and a healthy smile. It may even help eliminate speech irregularities and improve your communication.

There are essentially 3 basic types of denture relines, described as follows.

1. Permanent Hard Liners
Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic can provide permanent hard relines using either office-cured plastic or laboratory-cured plastic. The laboratory-cured reline tends to last longer due to special processing. For your convenience, we can have both types ready the same day. Our skilled denturist will recommend the type best suited to meet your unique needs.

2. Permanent Soft Liners
We are pleased to provide permanent laboratory-processed soft relines in our Mississauga and Oakville offices. These relines will stay soft and last the life of your denture. Keep in mind that they do require special care and cleaning as staining can occur if not cleaned regularly.

3. Temporary Soft Liners
Temporary soft relines are typically done following extractions to compensate for the shrinkage of bone. They may also be necessary following excessive weight loss. Our temporary soft liners are designed to last up to 3 months or until shrinkage has stopped and are then replaced with permanent liners.

Why Are Relines Necessary?

  • Increase retention and tightness of older dentures or new dentures that have lost retention. It might be necessary due to recent extractions or alteration in gum tissue caused by natural shrinkage.
  • Prevent dentures from constantly breaking in half.
  • Relining old dentures can avoid the necessity of completely refabricating dentures.
  • Reduce gum soreness caused by loose or rocking dentures. New liners will help your abused gum tissue return to proper health.

Please note that for a permanent hard or soft liner to be successful, the existing bite of your current denture must be correct. The reline will not change the bite, only the inside of your denture.

For more information on our reline options in Mississauga, contact us today!

Mississauga (Streetsville) Location

6 Queen Street North, Streetsville, ON, L5N 1A1 | Phone: 905-826-1638 | Fax: 905-826-8874 |

Oakville Location

384 Kerr Street, Oakville, ON, L6K 3B8 | Phone: 905-338-2143 | Fax: 905-338-2189 |

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