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Learn Proper Denture Care from Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic

Just like your natural teeth, dentures need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Routine cleaning will prevent plaque from forming, ensure proper appearance, prevent odours and protect your overall health. Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic recommends the following cleaning routine.

Daily Cleaning Routine

  1. First of all, make sure you are cleaning over a sink filled with water so if you drop your dentures, they will not break.
  2. Rinse thoroughly to remove food particles, but please be careful not to use hot water as it can warp your dentures.
  3. Use a specialized denture cleaner or paste. Our staff is happy to recommend a product for you. Do not use conventional toothpaste as they are not designed for dentures. In fact, they could damage your denture base and teeth.
  4. Use a moistened denture brush (not a regular toothbrush) to clean all surfaces. Take care in not brushing too hard as that could facilitate the erosion of your denture materials (acrylic, metal and porcelain).
  5. Soak your dentures using a tablet of denture cleanser for a minimum of 30 minutes. It’s OK to soak your dentures overnight.
  6. Remove all traces of denture cleanser by rinsing your dentures in fresh, running water. Again, please do not use hot water.
  7. For your remaining natural teeth, use a soft bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth, gums, tongue and palate before reinserting your dentures. This helps remove plaque, stimulate blood circulation and maintain your overall oral health.
  8. Rinse with mouthwash if desired.

If you have any questions about this cleaning routine, Rite Bite Denture & Implant Clinic is happy to answer them. Feel free to ask a question using our convenient contact form. Before you know it, this routine will become second nature. Please, just stick to the cleaning and never try to adjust your dentures yourself as you could damage your denture and potentially harm your mouth.

Mississauga (Streetsville) Location

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Oakville Location

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